14 Tips for Designing a Highly Productive Home Office (GTD Friendly)

UPDATE: I got a tweet from David Allen, the GTD author himself, saying this was “Very Cool” – made my day 🙂


I recently moved to a new apartment where I (finally!) got my own room to set up as a home office. I’ve been a hardcore follower of GTD for quite a while, so I wanted to make sure I take the lessons learned over the years from my personal experience, and design the perfect home office from the ground-up. For those who don’t know what GTD is, it is a bestselling book by David Allen called “Getting Things Done” which helps you organize your life. If you haven’t read it, make sure you do; it is hands-down the best book on productivity that you’ll ever read.

Before I delve into the details, I want to make a few comments.

First, although I’m a Cisco employee, Cisco does not compensate me for mentioning any Cisco products in this post (on that note, and as applicable to this entire blog, all the comments made by me are my own views and not those of Cisco).

Second, I’ve included links to the products I own so that you won’t have to waste time researching for them if you like them (disclosure – some of those are affiliate links).

Third, keep in mind that I have designed the perfect office for me – someone who’s uber-obsessed with productivity. Given that I’m usually quite busy running multi-million dollar projects, pursuing graduate studies, participating in the community and contributing to a few side hobbies – all mainly from home – every minute wasted counts against spending more time with my family and friends, which I enjoy the most. Hence, I’ve designed my workspace in such a way as to save time and increase productivity from every possible angle. Having said that, some of the tips might be a little bit overboard for you and you don’t really need to apply all of them. Use what you need and modify accordingly.

Here’s a photo of my newly-minted home office. The numbers in the picture refer to the tips below (you might want open the pic in a new window so you view it in full-size as you read through).

  1. The PC: 90% of my time is spent on my laptop, so it’s positioned front and center, and everything else revolves around me being fixated in that spot most of the time. I use a Lenovo Thinkpad T410 laptop with a docking station, which hooks up to a nice 22 inch DELL external monitor and a wireless full-sized Logitech keyboard & mouse. If you work from home, investing in a docking station & laptop combination is the best investment you’ll make. Unlike a desktop, you’re not stuck to your desk for life (and can work remotely when you want to), and unlike a standalone laptop, you’re not bound to a 14 inch screen and a tight keyboard 10 hours a day. I also use a high-quality Logitech webcam that fits nicely on my monitor (important for video-conferencing meetings).
  2. Second PC: Some customers I work with require that I use one of their company-issued laptops for security purposes. I’m usually not a big fan of that, as it becomes a hassle to manage multiple email accounts, calendars, and contact lists, but when I have to, I put it right there in my field of vision so I don’t keep turning my head 20 times an hour.
  3. Phone: I use a Cisco 7975G IP phone. For couch managers, I can think of no other better phone, especially since it synchs up really well with my WebEx Connect softphone when I’m on the road. Two things to note here. First, I have my phone within an arm’s reach to make and receive calls quickly without moving from my seat, and second, it’s close enough where people can hear me when using the speakerphone. I also have a headset hanging on the wall above the phone, which I use when I need to have a conversation while I’m moving around in the room.
  4. In-Basket: This is my collection basket where I dump everything that needs processing at a later time: unopened envelopes, follow-up receipts, hand written notes, etc. I usually empty it out every couple of days to keep it clean and ready for more stuff. I use a 3-level letter tray with compartments that pull out for accessing documents.
  5. Vertical Folder Sorter: I use a 6-slot incline sorter to keep all my current project files and folders easily accessible so I don’t always have to pull them out of the cabinet drawers. I also keep some new manila folders (which have 3 assorted-position tabs for easier reading) in the front slot so that I can quickly label them and dump in any new reference material.
  6. Notepad & Pen: I ALWAYS have a pen and paper close by. If I’m taking down notes on a call, I usually prefer writing than typing on my PC (in some cases, it is my only choice since typing makes a lot of clicking noises that bothers listeners on the call). Anything I write ends up in my in-basket for further processing.
  7. Wastebasket & Shredder: I have a wastebasket and paper shredder close by as well so that I don’t have to walk up to either of them (plus, I’m a terrible shooter with those paper balls)!
  8. Stationery & Labeler: All my stationery – pens, pencils, stapler, puncher, clips, scissors, letter opener, and rubber bands – are on two shelves within an arm’s reach, but I like to keep them  elevated to remove the clutter from my desk. I also have a Dymo labeler for labeling all my folders and boxes. You’ll be surprised at how big a difference this little tool makes in organizing your life. Buy one.
  9. Filing Cabinet: This is where I store all my file folders. I have a cabinet with two drawers, the top is for all material labeled “A through G” and the bottom one is for “H through Z.” I use hanging folders, and drop the manila folders in them (I never label the hanging folders, – only the manila folders themselves). The black storage unit next to the cabinet drawers is used for storing additional copy paper, folders, and other stuff.
  10. Storage Boxes & Shelves: I installed several wooden shelves to make use of all the dead space on the walls above the desk.  I also use storage boxes that come in two sizes, small and large, to store electronics, cables, receipts, batteries, CDs/ DVDs, extra stationery – you name it. All nicely tucked away. For slightly larger things that don’t fit into boxes, like manuals, gift wrap, coursework notebooks and mailing materials, I use standing magazine file organizers. I label everything so I know exactly what’s where.
  11. Routers & Modem: I have a Cisco Series 800 router (used for my secure virtual office), a Cisco Valet Plus router (for wirelessly connecting my personal devices) and a Motorola Cable modem for connecting to my ISP. I keep them away from me because I rarely touch them, and the soft humming noises bother me when they’re close.
  12. Workspace Area: I have two sturdy desks than I lined up together: a corner desk and a regular one, and I keep a workspace area on my right always clean for when I need to use it.
  13. Chair & Floor Protector: I sit for hours on end at my desk, so I have a comfortable swivel chair, and a floor protector underneath which helps with sliding around smoothly from one spot to the other (and avoids those coffee stains on the carpet!).
  14. Wireless All-in-One Printer: I use a Canon Pixma MX350 Wireless Printer. If you’ve never had a wireless printer before, upgrade to one. Nothing like being able to print and scan from anywhere around the house without worrying about plugging it in.

And there you have it! If you’d like to receive more helpful tips about managing your work from home, subscribe to my blog’s RSS Feed.


129 responses to “14 Tips for Designing a Highly Productive Home Office (GTD Friendly)


    This is amazing. It would be nice to have a price tag on each Item listed.

  2. Hey, we have the same computer! I love it, though the battery has gone down rather quickly- I wonder if you’ve also experienced this?
    Also, I wonder if you thought at all about a standing workstation. I don’t do office work myself, I’m currently a teacher, but I’ve been hearing a lot about them and how much better they are for your back.

    • Hey Elizabeth – I actually use an extended battery, so the battery life is ok, but definitely not ideal (this pc definitely sucks up a lot of power). Never considered a standing workstation – I don’t think I’d last for more than 10 minutes!

      • i have a standing work station at my fulltime job and I LOVE IT!!! At first I could only stand about 2-3 hours, but now I can go at least 4-5 before I feel like I need to sit. I started doing it b/c I got a back injury from SITTING and doing data entry for so many hours on end. The nice thing about a home office is you can get up when you need to and stretch, which everyone who sit should do for 5 minutes every hour. Thank you so much for the detailed post. I am transitioning to a professional work from hom-er, and have been wondering just how to make my new office work well. This is the perfect post for me to use. And BTW, I have lost over 20 pounds since I started standing and my digestion has improved also!!! You need a good pad to stand on and a elevator for your keyboard and monitor. Your elbows should rest right at your hips when they are laying on the desk (sitting OR standing) to help prevent carpel tunnel injury. I had them make a standing desk that fits right on top of my regular desk for me at work, but for a while I used a paper box with one ream of paper under it and catalogs to put my mouse on. I stand at least three to four days a week for at 5-6 hours out of eight. Wonderful, thorough post…congrats on FP and the tweet mention from David Allen!!! 🙂

  3. Fantastic Post! It is what exactly is missing in GTD book – a photo of perfect office!
    Well Done!!!

  4. and today’s The Financial Times was praising Cisco:) Good day for you! Congrats for Allen’s comment 🙂
    You have to subscribe to read an article though 😦

  5. That’s awesome post and your office room is awesome and really inspiring ! I’ve a question about the Cisco VoIP phone, how do you manage calls account ? I mean to pay it and how people could you call you ? with a special number ? Do you have a way to select a call if you’ve many calls in a time ?

    The others question is about the Cisco Router which they’re independant of any ISP and I know Cisco Router has a special langage to modify its behavior. How can you manage your router ? Could you specify advanced rules or it looks like any integrated webpanel of any ISP routers ?

    • Thanks! For the Cisco VoIP phone and router, I’m afraid I don’t have all the answers for you given that I went through a different process to set them up and manage them (because I’m an employee). However, what I can tell you is that I do have a dedicated phone number, and I can receive multiple calls at the same time. The router is ISP independent, but I had to call my ISP to get some information before setting it up.

      The best place for you to find out more about both products is on the Cisco website (www.cisco.com) – and if that doesn’t work, our customer service reps are always there to help!

      • Okay, thanks for this information! I’ll check the Cisco’s website. Anyway I think a GTD office room is a nice idea and the yours really inspired me!

        I also got the “Getting Things GNOME!” software, what a pity it is not complete with an advanced interface but I’m workin’ on it!

  6. Great tips. I do need a more comfortable chair. I don’t work full time at home, so I always have an excuse. Your office looks great. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  7. wow! I love this home office.

  8. I’m currently moving my home office from a boxy room to an open loft — I’m so excited to read this post and its awesome suggestions!

    Thank you for the inspiration,


  9. Great post – you must be chuffed with the tweet from David!
    I recently wrote about the home office too, looking at the idea of keeping it ‘separate’ and how that helps productivity. It even includes the thoughts of another Cisco employee randomly! http://prsupdate.co.uk/

  10. Great info. Congrats for the fresh press.

  11. loving the all IKEA setup…

  12. great – need to buy some folders and baskets. NOW. 🙂

  13. Poder organizar tus cosas, en un espacio adecuado para planear tu semana sin inconvenientes… eso es lo que más nos gusta a las mujeres 🙂

  14. Routers & Modem: You should keep them close as these items tend to malfunction requiring reboots, but I can imagine how noise can be a distraction, despite I’ve never had issues with modems and routers being noisy, certainly not distracting (unless you’re referring to the blinky lights)!

    Wastebasket & Shredder: I have one and keep it close but since I never use it, I wonder if this is necessary (to keep nearby).

    Notepad & Pen: About your desire for writing with a pen over typing. I’ve got some advice for you. Learn to use the mouse with your left hand to keep your right handy for note taking (with a pen and paper). It keeps the mouse out of the way and diminishes the amount of needed desktop workspace to the right of your keyboard.

  15. This is beautiful. A real work of art. Or maybe a real art of work. Anyway, if I read “Getting things done” is there a chance of arranging my brain to look like your office? That’s where the real chaos is….

    • Lol – Thanks! Well, the whole point of the book is to “offload” all that chaos into a system which does not include your mind, so in a way, it actually does that for you 🙂

  16. Wow! How wonderful! I also have a small online business selling hair extensions and hair replacement. I love the way you have everything so clean and organized. I have a bulky corner desk and it seems to take up so much space i will try to model my space after this.. thanks for the help!

  17. I have a home office- which is not anywhere near as functional as your “brand new fills me with envy” set-up. Love the storage box shelves!

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  19. newauthoronamazon

    Perfectly cool and I got a few ideas of technical stuff which I personally don’t understand but would like to have in my new office too. The idea of linking the laptop to the pc is one I was in the know of. I have been picturising my new office in my mind for months now as I presently work out of a spare bedroom in my home. I will keep a note of yr site for future reference.

  20. A blog about keeping organized is a great way to motivate people, especially myself and Mark! We are designers and absolutely love art, Fashion and anything creative! So can you imagine our spare room! Just being what I like to call an Organized Mess !

    Your blog has actually inspired me to become more organized especially we are looking to launch our Jewelery Website from home! Till we have enough income to rent a small office!

  21. Almost perfect! My suggestion for a little improvement is to have a small space for a green plant in this office. Just for the natural spirit – an even more productivity.

  22. Beautiful, I love it! I especially like that your headphones are hanging up.

  23. Very interesting.

  24. Nice. I printed this out.

    *Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Check out http://www.theburst.wordpress.com for the latest! *

  25. Office is face of your business.so it must be fine.

  26. I want that office in my apartment (sigh)

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  28. Great post! I will definitely refer back to it as I set up my own office next month. I need to have everything in sight or else I forget about it, so your system–maybe using clear boxes–would work well for me. Thanks!

  29. I am so stealing your design. Thanks for the great post

    Congrats on being Freshly Organized…oopsie, I mean Freshly Pressed.



  30. Wow, you really are organized! Your new office looks great!

  31. The second PC has helped me out a lot as I never realized how much more you can get done when you have multiple things going at once. The paper sorter shelves also help a lot so you can keep track of everything you need to pay, etc. One of the best things that has helped my productivity is simply creating a to-do list that is done each evening for the next day. It helps me stay on task.

  32. love this! i firmly believe that organization can improve efficiency not only in the work place, but life in general. i’m slightly anal retentive, but i find that because things are so organized i have more free time. perfect!

  33. Excellent post! I’ve been meaning to write about my home office, too. It really does make a huge difference in productivity when you have a comfortable, well-equipped, private space.

  34. “Unlike a desktop, you’re not stuck to your desk for life (and can work remotely when you want to)”
    So why do need a wireless printer?? A wireless router with a usb connection for a printer might be a less expensive or at least another alternative. I imagine all routers these days have wireless capability and and usb connection so the necessity of a printer being wireless really is nullified.

    • You’re right – you don’t really need one, and that is a workaround, but it takes a bit to set up. Plus, wireless printers are becoming cheaper by the day, so you might save yourself the frustration and set up a new one out of the box!

  35. You’ve definitely got things under control!

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  37. The picture of your office looks like something that should be published in the Real Simple Magazine. You did an amazing job organizing your office.

  38. These are great tips! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed–well deserved. I’ve been meaning to read GTD for a long time and am going to bump it to the top of my summer reading list. Your picture and post are inspiring!

  39. Lovely post. I really have to find that book from somewhere.

  40. My home office will look like yours… Very soon. I was looking for some improvement ideas and this post just has fallen ! syncronicity !


  41. Cool! My day job has a work-in-office policy with on-call and weather exceptions. Some of my hobbies require an office-like setting and I have been thinking of what what I need to do to create a efficient and comfortable workspace.

    Thanks for many useful ideas, my space will be heavily influenced by your post!

  42. My home office is a work in progress, but according to the parameters of your home office, which looks fabulous, I’m heading in the right direction.

  43. Whatever happened to the paperless office? 😉

  44. I just started working from home, this post could not have come at a better time. I love how clean your office looks, which is part of my concern about working from home – that my work will explode all over my personal life.

    Thanks for this, it’s definitely food for thought!

  45. Couch Manager–

    Love the look of your office!

    As a writer, I would add a cork board and push pins for organizing story notes and posting photos for setting inspiration. Everything else looks perfect for me, too.

    Like you, I sit at my laptop for hours and I’m curious if you’d recommend a specific brand of chair. That’s my primary concern (since my current “office” is my kitchen table, with one shelf dedicated to my materials), and then I’ll work my way up from there.

    Thanks for the ideas!

    • Thanks! A few months ago, my office was also a kitchen dining table, so I’ve been there 🙂 I don’t really have any specific brand I’d recommend, but in addition to the one I bought from IKEA (which is pretty comfortable), I was also considering this from amazon http://amzn.to/l0VROp
      Basically, what you need to know is that if you press your finger hard into the seat, and can feel a hard surface (like wood or plastic), then you should pass on it.

  46. I’ll be setting up a home office after the move this summer, and I’m going to model mine after yours! I especially love what you’ve done with the laptop, monitor, keyboard set up. I guess an extra keyboard makes all the difference… I’m also going to check out GTD! Thanks for the pic and breakdown of your office, very helpful! And congrats on your Freshly Pressed status!!

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  48. Okay, will wait for the picture once you have worked there for a week 🙂
    Usually, papers are everywhere and empty coffee mugs 🙂

    Congratulations on FP!

  49. Fab pic and post. Heart-stopping office space that defines GTD – a methodology I aspire to. Outstanding, and definitely not just to be emulated by those who work from home.

    If you’re doing a job search, your office setup is pretty much ideal.

    Congrats on getting Pressed!

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  51. I’m gonna share these info to my class in Office Management later. Thanks!


  52. What an amazing office! And I thought mine was well designed.
    I am ordering the telephone (hate mine) and headset (yes that too) as we speak.
    Thanks for a comprehensive article.

    • Thanks – they’re both excellent products. The phone is used by most Fortune 500 companies, and the headset is one that I’ve used for hours on end during meetings and it never got uncomfortable. The microphones and speakers on both are phenomenal as well. Just keep in mind that the headset doesn’t hook into the phone, it hooks into your PC (the headset is USB based).

  53. This is really cool, clean, and organized! I aspire to have this set up at home one day!

  54. Is the computer machine under the desk? A photo to illustrate its position would be welcomed too… 😉

    • I don’t have a computer under the desk 🙂 The computer I use is a laptop (#1 in the pic) which sits on a docking station, and that allows the monitor, keyboard and mouse to be connected to it externally.

  55. I would like to have an office like that. great job and congrats!

  56. Very efficient! Only tip would be to add a nice canvas painting to the wall or photos of family/friends, favourite holiday destinations, etc.. Give yourself a lovely distraction whilst you work (we all need those once in a while)

  57. I love your idea of a 3-level in-basket. Mine is just a plastic tub, and the more full it gets, the less I feel like processing it. I should convert.

    (Friendly tip: ‘stationery’ is the spelling for pens/paper/office supplies. I only point it out for the sake of the quality of your incredibly popular post.)

    • Thanks for pointing that out (just corrected the word)! Yup, the 3-level in-basket is definitely more efficient than a plastic tub. If you do get one, make sure you buy one that has sliding compartments for easy access (just like I mentioned in the post above). Otherwise, you’ll end up tipping it to reach those small pieces of paper in the back!

  58. pretty nifty and well organized very good work on that mate 🙂 you’ve given me an idea for my next project ..

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  60. I’m gonna get that book by David Allen called “Getting Things Done”

  61. Is there a window on the left side of the picture?
    You might want your pc screen against the left wall to reduce the backlight or something 🙂

  62. Awesome, this will help me organize my space for both design and music production! Thanks!

  63. Your new home office is very nice.

  64. So I wonder how long it will take for your brand spankin’ new office to be cluttered with soda cans, empty munchie wrapping paper, multiple coffee cups filled to various degrees and a whole array of nicknacks like USB rocket launchers and troll doll villages (which use the rocket launchers to wage troll war on one another).

    I’d get about three days before I just need to cull the troll uprising by setting the whole desk on fire and starting over.

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  66. I would like to have an office like that.. i think it’s cool.

  67. Great blog and love the photo of the office. We shop at Ikea but don’t buy much there. Space saving should not have to involve buying expensive furniture that sags and bends.

  68. your blog is cool man !!!…
    buat teman2 di indo… ada peluang bisanis bagus…
    modal 150rb langsung resmi buka bisnis tiket pesawat
    kunjungi www allstarsky blogspot com

  69. Loving your table placement.

  70. A great post. A good suggestion about having the flexibility of a laptop yet the ease of a large screen: I actually dock my laptop with the screen open, and then have my large monitor open next to it, so I can drag windows between the two screens. I remember reading ages ago about a correlation between size of monitor screens and productivity (wish I had kept the article !) and I really do think it helps, particularly when referencing different files.

    Opinioniste: Creating exceptional consumer experiences. Who’s doing it and how.

  71. Nice Work! I too have read, and implemented, the principals in David Allen’s GTD book. In fact it’s sitting on the shelf above my desk as I type this! It makes such a difference in terms of how I operate my own business and how I undertake work for other people. I thought it it appealed to me simply because I am a Virgo (we like order & dislike chaos!)…but alas, we’re all simply becoming savvy about working smarter, not harder. Great article, and great arrangement!

  72. Thanks for this i have been trying to organize my new office but haven’t thought of where to start, i like your set, how ever i might make my work area slightly bigger, just for more illustration space.

  73. I do agree that a corner plan is a very nice desine. I like the corner desk that JCPenny had out for that a year or so ago, in the catalogs.

  74. Wow, I wouldn’t mind a office like that, it is cool and very productive..

  75. Great list! My home office is currently a hideous mess and I can’t find a thing in it… so thanks for sharing this!

  76. I have my communciations devices as phone SPA, cordless and Iphone on the right side of the PC; I think it’s more easy and so feng-shui.

  77. I love blogs like this as I think it really helps people realise that you can organise your office space. You have definitely motivated me. Thanks for the great blog.

  78. Great!!! i dont have my own office but il b3e needing this

  79. Nice set up man! You Should check out my blog and give me some advice! I could use it

  80. OMG you MUST be a virgo! LOL I only wish I could be so organised. I try but just can’t keep to it. My office if spread all over the house

  81. keeping it ‘separate’ and how that helps productivity. It even includes the thoughts of another Cisco employee randomly!

  82. Aah, very nice. Very nice, indeed.

  83. you gave me a lot of ideas for my home office. Thank you.

  84. This is an excellent post (and blog!) I have just started my own blog for small businesses, and I will add your blog to my blogroll so that my readers can benefit from your information! I am also planning to get a home office and this is a great read!

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  86. I’m amazed by how organized you are – wish my office looked like this! I wonder, though, if you’ll eventually feel the need to put something non-work-related in it (somebody mentioned a plant, or, say, pinboard for personal photos, something like that) – for those micro-breaks during work. But, it definetly makes me want to work which is a great thing!

  87. suryaworldedu

    Really very nice post. Thanks for sharing.

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  89. wow i love this one! i gotta read this GTD and get things done!
    please kindly let me reblog this post, i like to keep these in mind, more 🙂

  90. Great tips. I am curious about budget. Not including your electronics, how much would you say the total cost of this office was?

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  92. That is NOT a desk. That’s criminal. No one can be that neat. Period.

  93. Wow! That’s very useful!

  94. I love your article! It got me thinking about my own home office and to clean it up and organize my stuff. Thanks for that!

  95. wow!! very creative! great post.

  96. I am a single mom and my home office is my lap top. That actually works pretty well right now.

  97. Great information and tips and perfect timing, I am in process of rearranging my office at home. Thanks

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  99. wow, 80% similar to what i’m planning for my home 🙂 only instead of wall all over, i got window at the left side with view to the street..love it that way! and i planned to fully cover the wall with book self to save more space in my tiny house 😉

  100. Wow!
    Like your office.

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  102. Do I ever need these tips! Thanks..now to find the time to gut the office and start over. 😀

  103. theworldbyozren

    Useful post! You def. got all you need to perform the best you can on your work… makes you also think whether more people should be working from home-equipped work stations instead of throwing out money on office leasing

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  105. That’s quite a delicious set up.

    A serious investment of money (I looked up the phone on Amazon – ouch!) as well as careful, considered thinking.

    Great stuff. And thanks for sharing.

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  107. This is great! Really, really love the colors and the vertical file holders/magazine holders are the absolute best. I’ve found them to be a life saver in my own home office. Thanks a lot for sharing! I’ve bookmarked for future reference 🙂


  108. Magnetic Entrepreneurial Skills

    Great post! good idea for a home office. This takes away the clutter and makes it look very neat.
    If you can drop in to my blog you will find it very educational and helpful.

  109. Loved this article. Reposted it on FB and Twitter.


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  112. You were freshly pressed? Congratulations! Your office is making me all drooly… can’t wait to re-work my set-up. Thanks for the ideas!

  113. I really like your office. There’s something about a set of boxes organized neatly and aligned. Please correct me if I am wrong, but that’s very normalized to me. I wish I had an office like that. Thank you for sharing this personal post.

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